While the idea of travel is glamorous, many of the products made for the act, well, aren’t. As a woman who has always been intrigued by fashion and refuses to buy something I find hideous no matter how practical, it is important to have a good selection of travel accessories. Here are 5 travel accessories that will ensure you are looking on point while on the go.
Basic_Strap_Houndstooth_1_1024x1024ModStraps, $20.95
Camera Strap
Having a picture-perfect (no pun intended) camera strap is essential for any fashionista. Why stick with plain black when your camera could be attached by houndstooth or studs?
_12252900Fossil, $55
Passport Holder
In order to keep visas and passport together and keep your passport clear of bent and ripped pages it is key to purchase a passport holder. Keep them simple or make a statement with a bright color or pattern.
stylish_gold_lips_with_classic_black_white_stripes_luggage_tag-ra40c0e2b6681463a8eba2ae47d341573_fuygx_8byvr_512Zazzle, $10.95
Luggage Tag
If the unfortunate happens (which it sometimes does) and your bag ends up misplaced or on the wrong flight, it is important to have some sort of identification so you can be easily contacted. Luggage tags are the simplest way to mark your luggage. Another perk? Luggage tags make your suitcase that much easier to spot on the luggage carousel.
Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak. —Rachel Zoe
Water Bottle
Instead of constantly buying plastic water bottles on your journey, just invest in a reusable water bottle. Water is essential, especially when traveling in warmer climates. Don’t forget to empty it out when going through security!

566412959010528659_c732d122de37Aide de Camp, $349

Camera Bag
Just because you want to keep your camera safe doesn’t mean you have to advertise the fact that you have expensive equipment in an obvious camera bag. Choose a bag that looks like a purse and no one will ever know its conetns
These are a few of my my essentials, what are your favorite stylist fashion accessories?


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