Thinking of taking a Eurotrip? No? You will be after watching these films. From the streets of Paris to the grungy pubs of Edinburgh, these films are here to inspire you to catch the next plane to across the pond. Here are 9 of my favorite films set in Europe.
1. Midnight in Paris
Not only are there some magnificent scenes of the City of Lights in this film, but also a look back into history. Owen Wilson, frustrated with his soon-to-be wife, goes back in time and parties with some of the world’s greatest writers including Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald. I can only hope I get as lucky as Gil (Owen Wilson) and get picked up by a vintage car to be swept away to the 1920’s in my next Parisian journey…
2. PS I Love You
Though much of this tear-jerking movie is set in New York, the highlights are filmed in the beautiful Irish countryside. After the death of her husband, Holly (Hilary Swank) follows his letters written before his passing to help her move on. He gifts her with a girl’s vacation to Ireland with her two best friends. This movie will leave you longing for the day you can find your perfect Irishman (or woman!) while wandering the green landscapes of Ireland.
3. In Bruges
Two hitmen in a fairy tale town. What could go wrong? Trying to escape an awful career mistake, Ken (Brendan Gleeson) and Ray (Collin Farrell) leave England to spend some time in Bruges, Belgium. With many high points and low points in this movie, it is a film that will not only leave you dreaming of aimlessly wandering the streets of Bruges, but also keep you wondering what happens around the next corner.
4. Notting Hill
If you’re anything like me and wish you could marry Hugh Grant, there is absolutely no better movie than Notting Hill. Even if not, this film is a love story that will make you truly feel the pain and love of the characters. American movie star Anna (Julia Roberts) meets British bookstore owner Will (Hugh Grant) after purchasing a book in his bookstore. After an unexpected kiss and an unforgettable night, Will is left heartbroken and finds himself longing for her. Until her next trip to London…And what better place for a love story than in London’s colorful Notting Hill?
5. The Holiday
Who doesn’t love the typical story of an American visiting England and falling for a Brit? I sure as hell don’t get tired of it, especially when that Brit is Jude Law. When Cameran Diaz and Kate Winslet decide to do a house swap between Los Angles and the English Countryside, both can’t help but falling for a local man. Perfect for some British inspiration around the holidays.
6. Eurotrip
What list of movies based in Europe would be complete without Eurotrip? Though the movie may be a tad ridiculous, you have to admit it makes you want to pack up your bags, grab your best friends, and hop a plane to Europe just to see what the hell happens. Though this movie did give me false expectations of absinthe (I sadly did not see a green fairy after drinking it in Prague), it is still a requirement for everyone bound for Europe.
7. Green Street Hooligans
Football brings people together in Europe, but it also can turn them against each other. When American college student Matt (Elijah Wood) visits London and meets hooligan Pete (Charlie Hunnam) he gets mixed up in the crowds which leads to an unexpected English experience.  Even if you aren’t the biggest football fan, this film will help give you an understanding of the football hooligan culture that is apparent in the UK. Green Street Hooligans stars Elijah Wood and Charlie Hunnam, so that alone makes it worth the watch.
7. Leap Year
When Anna (Amy Adams) tries to surprise her boyfriend in Ireland to propose to him following the Irish leap year tradition of women proposing to men, an unexpected journey full of misfortunes lies ahead of her. I have to admit, the main character of this film drives me insane. Leap Year has still made it on this list due to the incredible views of Ireland. Including both the countryside as well as Dublin within the story, this film is perfect for when you want to hear some of those irresistible Irish accents and see the lush countryside.
8. Eat, Pray, Love
What has become a classic solo travel movie, Eat, Pray, Love is an inspiration to anyone looking for a break. Liz (Julia Roberts) takes off on a soul-searching journey that leads her from feasting in Italy, to finding spiritual guidance in India, to falling in love in Bali. When you need a travel movie for the soul, Eat, Pray, Love has your back.
9. Trainspotting
This one is for those who are interested in the darker side of life. Trainspotting stars a young Ewan McGregor as Mark on his road to recovery from heroin. Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, this film follows a group of Scottish 20-somethings with their on-and-off-again addictions. Not for the lighthearted, Trainspotting shows how even moving to another city (Mark heads south to London) can’t always keep you away from your demons.
What are your favorite films that take place in Europe?


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