When many people think of the United States, one of the first destinations to cross their mind is the Grand Canyon. I had dreamed of visiting since I was young and at the age of 22 finally took the chance to see its beauty. This experience happened by chance after I met a group of three people at a travel meet-up at the Angel City Brewery in Downtown Los Angeles who were road tripping the United States. They invited me after about two minutes of conversation to be the fourth member of their crew on the last two stops of their journey together (more on that in a future post).



The result of my need for adventure and fuzzy head due to Angel City’s surprisingly strong brews lead me to accept the offer. Within an hour we were back at my Hollywood apartment and I was quickly packing up my weekender bag destined for the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas!


Route66 Route66-2 Route66-3

After spending the night in the gritty desert town of Needles, California we continued down the Route 66 to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Seeing as my last visit to Arizona lead to a heat stroke I had made the incorrect assumption that it would be warm and did not bother to pack enough layers or even my Nikes for the off-the-trail adventuring ahead of us. Thankfully my new friends provided me with a flannel to layer under my Nordstrom BP Mixed Strip Shirt and leather jacket as well as trainers that just happened to fit perfectly. I did, however, remember my small brim hat from American Eagle and a compass I picked up recently in a tiny shop hidden away in Oxford, England as the perfect accessories for Grand Canyon pictures. Priorities.

GC-1 GC-2 GC-3

We ventured off the main path, to the fear of some of the other visitors, in an effort to get some better views. My camera was unfortunately in the shop for repairs as this trip was entirely spontaneous but two of my fellow road trippers had a beautiful Canon and Nikon to capture our journey. When we ventured down to the ledge pictured below we were met by some of the Grand Canyon’s wildlife. Though I was not able to properly capture it in pictures, a mountain sheep (much more frightening than it sounds, equipped with big horns) scaled the mountain behind us. At one point we locked eyes with the sheep, and I was certain I would soon become one of the Grand Canyon death statistics. Luckily, it continued on and shortly after made a run through one of the main visitor areas.



We took the shuttle to the Yaki Point which held breathtaking views below. Again we headed off the main course. The best pictures don’t come from being safe, right? We climbed down to an alluring plateau that required walking over a giant rock wedged between the two areas of land. There I changed into my lace-up flats for the ‘gram and we took some shots as the night began to set in. We climbed over to one more cliff where one of my new friends, Ellie, played the ukulele she brought along and we watched the storm quickly approaching us with the nightfall.



With our last bit of light we headed upward toward the shuttle stop and were soon on our way to Sin City.


Have you ever explored the Grand Canyon? What was your favorite area?




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