Cle-elum lake

It’s been a little quiet here on the blog lately. The last two months has been consumed with two trips up to the chilly PNW for the holidays, my first trip to the South in a quick trip to Kentucky, a work trip to Miami filled with sunshine, pastels, ice skating in clubs, and champagne, as well as a quick visit up to Canada. Most of which I was sick during (sorry, plane seat mates!).

Steamclock at night in Gastown Vancouver

Needless to say, it feels nice to finally have a second to breathe and write on my own blog again. The new year has officially begun (can someone please tell me where 2017 went?) and I completely feel a new chapter in life beginning to be written.

With every new year comes change. I haven’t been very consistent with my blog over the last year, but have recently become more involved with the idea of keeping it back up and have many posts planned ahead for you (the absence has given me much more new content to share!). Though I can’t guarantee posts during New York or Paris fashion week, I will be posting on here at least once a week throughout the rest of the year.

Tuxedo cat walking slowly through snow

Even though I do love sharing my travels through writing, I find myself to be more passionate about filming and editing videos. So if you don’t already, be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel. Though I’ve also been silent on there for the last month (as I decided to fully embrace Christmas time this year and not force myself to work when I was ill), weekly videos will begin going up again this Sunday ♥ I’ve primarily done vlogs in the past, which I certainly will still be posting as I love to take you all along with me in my travels, but I will also be posting a lot more informational videos for travel.

This post is mainly just an update and to tell you that I haven’t stopped blogging but rather was on an extended break. This year looks to be going in a completely different direction 😉  Starting with Tennessee next week, ya’ll ready for that??

Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more updates and check out the blog I’ve been spending wayyyy more time working on, Always Judging.


Pacific Northwest small lake in the snow with tree and dock


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