After returning from your travels and settling back into your comfortable home routine it can be easy to catch yourself daydreaming about a land far away. It can take everything in you to not just flip open your computer and book the next flight to a destination on your bucket list. Sadly, the majority of us have commitments in life that don’t allow us to jet set every other week whether that be work, school, or that you simply don’t have enough in your bank account to spare an extra trip across the world. This impulse of wanderlust that seems to fill our mind and soul so often when at home can be cured even without stepping on a plane, and here’s how…
Watch travel vlogs
I don’t know how I would get through my wanderlust without vlogs. These are inspiring in so many ways and allow you to feel like you are actually at a destination. They aren’t movie sets or some heavily edited photograph but what a location truly looks like. Check out a few of my favorite vloggers Ben Brown and Brooke Saward to take you far far away. You can also watch mine here if you aren’t already subscribed.
Create a Pinterest Board
What better way to inspire your next trip than a Pinterest board? Spend hours finding new destinations you never knew existed and compile them all to a single – or multiple if you’re really going for it – online board. This is a double perk for those of us who love to organize absolutely everything.
Host other travelers
This tip is the single most effective tip of all, but also the most work. If you have friends who live in other areas of the world then encourage them to come visit! It helps you appreciate your own hometown if you are able to see it form an outsider’s perspective. If you don’t have too many connections around the world you don’t even have to leave your home to meet them. Host people on to not only get your dose of culture but also make lifelong friends from anywhere around the globe. Don’t worry, you can review everyone’s profiles first to make sure they are someone you actually want to hang out with.
Virtual Reality
Yes, this really is a household item now. Whether you have one of the fancier devices or the cardboard ones to strap to your phone, you can find yourself completely in another place in a matter of seconds. Many models are surprisingly affordable so don’t hesitate to try it out!
Add some travel decor to your home to make it feel like you are about to jet off on a new journey. Your home should be your sanctuary so keep it fresh and redecorate. This way you won’t feel like you are stuck in the same old place, but rather somewhere you look forward to returning to. Need some inspo? Check out my post 11 Home Decor Items You Need In Your Life.
Read a travel book
What better way to immerse yourself in another place than reading a book? Pick up a novel and be taken to another place and time. You can be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail or having champagne in Paris without even leaving your bed.
Go somewhere nearby that you have never been
It is easy to overlook what is right in your backyard. I grew up not far from the Canadian border and only began taking advantage of it my last year living in Washington. Ridiculous right? Try to look at your hometown from a new perspective, I promise you will find some new adventures that you had previously not noticed or took for granted.
Follow travel Instagrams
Integrating travel into your daily life is as easy as clicking the “follow” button on Instagram. There are so many travel Instagram accounts. Whether it be an individual travel blogger like myself or HopscotchTheGlobe, or a regramming account such as TheVisualCollective or LoveGreatBritain.
Try a foreign food restaurant
Ignite all of your senses and go into a restaurant with foreign cuisine. Many restaurants can completely take you into another country without leaving your city. Do your research and find a foreign-themed restaurant nearby. Be sure to look out for dining options with cultured performances for an extra dose of what’s around the globe.
Watch foreign movies
Let the cinema take you to a new destination and watch a foreign film. I recently had an obsession with British films before my trip to the United Kingdom. I would let them take me to London or the English Countryside. It was the perfect preparation for my trip and provided a great escape to the other side of the world. Plus, you may pick up a new language, which brings me to….
Learn a new language
Use your down time by learning a new language! Programs such as Rosetta Stone or Babbel are great resources for going beyond your native tongue. There are even free apps for your phone such as Duolingo that can help you learn the basics or touch up on those forgotten language classes you took in high school. This way you will be ready to mingle with the locals on your next trip abroad!
Update your travel wardrobe
Have a trip ahead of you that seems so far off in the future? That just means you have plenty of time to stock up your new travel wardrobe for your next adventure! Don’t buy everything at once and space out your purchases so you can feel that satisfaction of a new item for your trip over and over again. Not to mention this also allows you to shop around to ensure you are getting the best possible product.
Read travel blogs
Read about a new destination or the best new travel technology. These can help you start making lists of places to go and can be great to bookmark later for when you can finally be at your destination. Though seeing as you have found yourself to this article I would say you already have this one covered. 😉
How do you cure your wanderlust when stuck at home?


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  1. Jenessa says: Reply

    Hi Angela! I’ve just discovered your blog through the interview on Nomadic Matt’s site, which is what compelled me to check out your blog! I’ve browsed through some of your posts and have really enjoyed them and your writing style. This post in particular is so relatable, I’m studying now but daydreaming of my next adventure, and I’ve been making plans for starting my own blog just so I can keep the memories alive ( my memory too, isn’t the best for all the details!). I look forward to reading more! :)

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