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After visiting the castle we wandered onto the campus of the local art college which my host had attended for a brief period. There were unfinished sculptures and creations sitting outside among the gardens. We saw a cat disappear into the garden and spent the next few minutes trying to call it back. For the cat lovers out there, “tchi tchi tchi” is how you call a cat in the Czech Republic. Now you know.

We continued to wander through the back streets of the village avoiding the tourists. Every wall was the perfect OOTD backdrop, so I had to stop every once in a while to take a few shots. Next time I plan to show up with multiple suitcases full of clothing and accessories to take advantage of the incredible crumbling buildings.


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Living in Los Angeles I was shocked to come across another Walk of Fame in this tiny village. Though it may not entirely be the stars I’m used to walking across it was certainly a delight to walk on while being stared at by the nearby gargoyles. Every piece of the village has some sort of art. Even the benches had large thorns protruding out from them. Though I wasn’t very inclined to use them for their intended purpose, they were certainly an artistic addition to the back streets.


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My new friends took me to the most iconic viewpoint in the village. It had sights of the winding alleys as well as the towering castle. Not far from the viewpoint we came across a floating dock. Here we set our backpacks down and they scrawled suggestions for my upcoming Prague visit on an old flyer. We watched as people floated down the river in small boats and I admired the semi-destroyed architecture surrounding us. As we wandered back to our apartment we stopped outside a building with a small library of books outside – free to take in the hope that you will return with one of your own to share.

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My new Czech friends and I parted ways as they were to drive back to Brno. I decided to spend some time wandering through the empty streets out of the main island of the village to take photographs. Every building was unique and the lingering history of the village was present around every corner. While wandering I ran into my host who had stopped at the supermarket to pick up fresh vegetables for our pasta dinner. We returned back and cooked our dinner before grabbing a bottle of Czech wine and heading out into the darkening summer evening.

We walked along the river and crossed an old bridge that sounded like thunder when vehicles crossed over. Through the woods we hiked up to a hidden lookout that boasted views of the entire village. A storm started rolling in as we opened our bottle of wine and listened to the Latin music festival drifting up from the village. We had to hide under rocks that required a bit of scaling the mountain to locate to stay out of the rain not thinking of the consequences of going back over the wet rocks as night fell. Who thinks about consequences when you have a bottle of wine, Latin music, and a view of a fairy tale village?


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The next morning I set off to cross the village once again with my backpack strapped on. The train station was on the other side of the village through the old communist buildings. Next stop Prague.


Have you visited the beautiful Český Krumlov?


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