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I don’t usually post this personal of posts, but I feel it was certainly needed at this point. As I’m sure you have noticed I’ve been pretty MIA lately, both on Instagram and on my blog as well as Youtube channel. No need to worry, this is only temporary as I have been adjusting to some pretty major changes in my life.

FIDM Graduation Photobooth

FIDM Graduation LA Live

I finished at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising here in Los Angeles with a Bachelor degree in Business Management just before I left for Cuba. Shortly after I returned I got the opportunity to work for one of my all time favorite fashion bloggers Always Judging. This is where the majority of my time and effort has been focused on in the last two months.

This means my entire life revolves around blogging. Which of course I love but does make it difficult to keep up with my own content. Now that I have been in this position for two months I am finally getting more comfortable and able to work on both blogs without feeling like it is too much.

So what does this mean for Destination Drifter?

I don’t ever want to drift (ha) from my “why,” from my core purpose of creating this blog. I started Destination Drifter to encourage people to see the world and to help them look good while doing it. I want to share the coolest hang outs in every corner of the world, whether they are already a huge tourist attraction or known just by the locals. I want people to expand their minds and realize there is so much beyond what they know.

Luckily this position gives me the opportunity to travel (the perfect job is always out there if you look in the right places!), though I won’t be choosing where and will not be creating my own itineraries the majority of the time. So far for this position I have taken one quick trip over to Las Vegas for the JCK jewelry trade show, as reflected on in my recent Vegas Packing List: Business and Pleasure post.

Zara dress in Malibu

Expect more fashion oriented posts (for example, referencing how the above dress is my current favorite from Zara), which will not only help you with looking great around the world but also will help you pack better. I also contribute to the Beauty section of Always Judging so I will be more knowledgeable on packing toiletries, skin care, and make up. My upcoming travels include Fashion Week – New York and possibly Paris (Maybe Milan or London too? Well will see 😉 ) in September, so though I will again likely be MIA for a couple weeks during that time I will return with many helpful tips on business travel, Fashion Week, packing, and hopefully some great restaurant recommendations in the host cities.

The type of travel I will be doing will be a lot less budget Couchsurfing and hostel type trips and a lot more luxury hotels and airport lounges. This does not mean there won’t be any more budget trips (I still have my eye on those $99 WOW flights to Iceland or $199 flights to Scotland, which will hopefully be my next self-planned international destination), but content will likely include more in the luxury travel segment. Of course I am still very knowledgeable on all sorts of budget travel so feel free to ask me any questions on the subject even if I don’t post about it as often (and check out a few of my friends who focus more on budget travel including Lessons Learned Abroad and the new blog Poor and In Danger).

Venice Beach grafitti and palm trees
I’ve also realized I don’t post enough posts about my all time favorite city in which I spend the majority of my time in – Los Angeles. I will be planning many more posts revolving around the City of Angels. The same day I received the job offer I also bought a car (I haven’t had one in 5 years!) which means there are many weekend trips around California and the Southwest coming up in the next few months, which of course will all be thoroughly documented.

ICYMI- I also have been a monthly contributor over at Travel Fashion Girl! Check out a few of my published articles including What to Pack for Kauai, What to Wear in the Alps in the Summer, How to Avoid Looking Like a Backpacker in Europe, and  What to Wear in the Czech Republic in the Summer: Southern Bohemia.

Not to mention now that my entire life is blogging I have become increasingly more concerned about quality in photos, posts, and videos. Which benefits us all of course as everyone enjoys higher quality content (Not reflected in this post, but improvements are coming!). I’ve never felt more determined than I do right now, which only great things can come from that.

There’s a ton of adventures ahead – most of which I don’t even know are coming yet. Hope you are all ready for the wild ride ahead! 😉


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