I have been on a bit of a hiatus lately but Destination Drifter is officially back in business, with a new look and all! Finishing up school (one quarter left!) and taking off on spontaneous adventures have kept me busy leaving me with quite a few new stories and recommendations to share with you guys.
Starting with the latest, I flew back home to Washington to spend Christmas with my family and childhood friends. Though I took a few days catching up and cuddling with my furry tuxedo cat, I did not wait long to get out and adventure.
Home2 Home
My brother and I took a snowboarding trip last week up to Stevens Pass. After not snowboarding for 8+ years it took a run or two to feel like we knew what we were doing and not look like complete morons.


After a few falls and some sips of false confidence in the form of Fireball from the flasks tucked in our jackets, I finally was able to turn up my snowboarding playlist and shred down the mountain looking like I hadn’t taken an almost decade-long break from the sport.
That is until the last run when my brother badly sprained his ankle going off the main path and I had to sit down after every hill due to my legs almost giving out. Needless to say, we both have decided we will be taking on skiing our next trip up to the slopes.
Fighting through the soreness of the mountain beating me up, I took off the next morning on a snowmobiling trip yet again into the Cascade Mountains. We drove up through Snoqualmie Pass which felt like a winter wonderland after being blanketed with recent snowfall.
We arrived in the tiny western town (and backdrop for the series Northern Exposure) of Roslyn, Washington. The small town is most often visited for the nearby resort and vineyard Suncadia, which people from all over come to drink and relax. Even Justin Bieber was a recent visitor in the mountain town of Roslyn for Labor Day weekend. Locals reported he was almost turned away at the local pub The Brick due to trying to enter without an ID.
My friend’s cabin is a short drive out of town. After cooking dinner and paying a quick visit to the Roslyn pubs (including doing my first mannequin challenge with a bunch of strangers), we decided to head out for a night snowmobile ride! We went up a nearby mountain and the trails were smooth from the recent snow.
I took a corner too fast and crashed into a tree. Thankfully I bailed off the side and got away with no injuries (other than adding onto to my already sore physique). After giving all of our strength into pulling the snowmobile out of the ditch we decided to turn around and ride back to the cozy cabin. The rest of the night was spent soaking away our soreness in the outdoor hot tub surrounded by the snow.
Awful picture quality, but here is my crashed snowmobile!
The next day had a similar agenda, but without any snowmobile crashes. On our last morning, my best friend Brandy and I decided to ride the snowmobiles out in the daylight to the nearby Cle Elum Lake to take some pictures. The lake was empty aside from a nearby abandoned RZR which was soon joined by it’s owner who arrived to dig it out. The snow was deep and every other step we took our boots quickly became buried in the powder. Surrounding mountains gave for the perfect breathtaking backdrop for a few winter pictures.



Do you want to have this experience? The cabin I stayed in is for rent on Airbnb! Snowmobiles can also be rented nearby at Cascade Playtime.


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